The Freedom of Spring

The Freedom of Spring

We are all facing brighter days ahead as spring brings life back into the world.  Spring is the season to celebrate new beginnings, growth, positive energy - and it has arrived at the perfect time in my life.  Although it has been a long, frigid winter, I'm happy to say I accomplished a great deal more than hibernating in my PJs drinking hot coca. During those snowy winter days I was working my butt of at Empire Beauty School in their Educators Program. I'm happy to announce I am now a licensed Cosmetologist Educator...

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My Philosophy

My official name tag Ms, Zeleny Student Educator

My official name tag Ms, Zeleny Student Educator

As some of you may know, I have made the decision to go back to school to teach what I love doing most - hair and makeup!  I'm in training to become a licensed teacher in the state of PA at Empire Beauty School.

The students inspire me not only to share my experiences but to help guide those who want to succeed in this industry. I want them to succeed, to have passion, and to be inspired - and I believe I can help the do it!

This degree will be a  stepping stone in my carrier,  I would love to educate for some of my favorite companies such as L'Oreal Professional,  Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon, and Sojourn.  Fashion is a part of who I am, modeling and being a stylist are two things I love and will continue to do.  

Keep a look out for my latest shoot I did for a California Wine Company! 

Ideas for Summer...

Ideas for Summer...

Here are few story bored sketches and a painting of models myself, Kayla Z,  Shuan Ross, James Gallagher, Brett David. Work done by Artist Sven Ballenthin & images shot by photographer Simon Gentry. These are concepts for a project idea...

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Nolcha New York Fashion Week A/W 2014

What a difference a year makes. As if going to Venice to shoot my first fashion video wasn't enough, I walked the runway at Nolcha Fashion week for Nina Athanasiou. This year, Nolcha was a bit different.  Nina showcased a fashion video I co-starred in with James Gallagher on a jumbo screen, which was the back drop during the fashion show. I was third in line so I was able to see the video. It blew my mind that I was looking at myself. The whole team did an exceptional job shooting and producing it. Seeing myself up there excited me and pumped me up to walk the runway. It was an amazing experience, I came through strong.  Have a look at some of the photos of the show below. If you have not had a chance to view the Venice video, it's called "Senza Cuore" by Nina Athanasiou.


Photos of me on the runway at Nolcha Fashion Week. 

The team of models with Nina Athanasiou, at Nolcha Fashion Week 2014 ( I am the second from the left )

The. Rat. Pack Family Celebrating at Nolcha NY Fashion Week After Party; Nina Athanasiou, Mourad Gerlach, Muhammad Sami, Kayla Zeleny and Huba Barrat

"Senza Cuore"

James Gallagher and I star in this stunning video shot in Venice, Italy for International Fashion Designer, Nina Athanasiou. I am truly blown away! 

Thanks to everyone who made this happen! Directed by Peter Ladkani, Director of Photography Huba Barat, Editor Nina Meister, Hair & Makeup Taz Mua, Technician Mourad Gerlach, Music Andreas Helmle, Grading Flo Wolf, Title Nadine Schrader, and Producer Egi Sepler and most of all NINA ATHANASIOU for giving me this amazing opportunity! Below are some of my favorite moments!

Kicking Off the New Year

I'm kicking off 2014 with some big time features and publications!  Two more photos from the "Sons of Essex" spread (New York, NY) are appearing in Glamour UK and Tatler UK January issues.   My first modeling shoot is featured on  Hair & Makeup by KaylaZ will be published in London Lifestyle Magazine.   And the icing on the cake, my modeling photos from the "Booze, Broads, and Bullets" spread  (Grand Canyon, AZ) along with Hair & Makeup by KaylaZ will be appearing in VOGUE UK!

The brains behind the brilliant fashions; International Fashion Designer Nina Athanasiou , Fashion models James Gallagher and Lohla Dahda, Photographer Simon Gentry and myself Hair stylist-makeup Artist Kayla Z. Eeeek! So proud of this spread!

Published in VOGUE UK 

Fashion Models Kayla Zeleny and James Gallagher will be published in VOGUE UK  2014 - Feb issue featuring Nina Athanasiou designs. 

Photo will be seen in Vogue UK - February Issue; models Kayla Zeleny and James Gallagher


Published in Glamour UK & Tatler UK 

Hair & Makeup by KaylaZ published in two more UK spreads 2014.

Feature in 

Photos from "Booze, Broads and Bullets" featured in WowCracy -  Endless Fashion Week  You can pre-order exclusive fashions designed just for you by international designers such as  Nina Athanasiou

Featured Photo on  International Fashion Designer Nina Athanasiou ; Model Kayla Zeleny ; Photographer Andreas Huber

Published in London Lifestyle Magazine 

Hair and Makeup by Kayla Z has been published in London Lifestyle Magazine 2014 Jan-Feb issue .


Montco Happening 2014!  Let's go for "Best Makeup" two years in a row. I have been nominated again this year.Pssstttt!  I heard a whisper about Venice, Italy. Stay tuned for up and coming great things Kayla Z has in store for 2014!